Chertkovski: I like several directions in music

We are happy to welcome our next guest - Chertkovski!

Chertkovski is always in the spotlight of popular radio stations and media from all over the world such as One World Radio, DJ Mag, Mix Mag, 7 minutes and others. Under the belt there are a large number of performances at legendary club venues, festivals, regional and foreign tours. Chertkovski successfully performed at such showcase as SIGNAL, Odyssey, Mantra, Cekta etc.

We talked to the talent about his upcoming release "Secret" on Pillar and future projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Aleksey! How are you? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Hellom I'm fine, everything is going well.
— Congratulations on your upcoming release "Secret" on Pillar! What can you tell about the release?
— This is an unusual melodic work written in the best traditions of progressive music, a bit of mystery with vibing vocals immersing you deeper and deeper into this track.
Let's see how it all started for you. What is the story behind your project "Chertkovski"? And how do you define your sound?
— The project was redesigned to simplify readability and create a new sound. Shortly before the start of the pandemic, before the closure of all borders, clubs and venues. I like several directions in music, this is a very deep progressive sound combined with organics.
— Where are you right now? In Moscow or Bali? How is everything going there?
— Before the New Year, I spent a 10-day quarantine in Jakarta to come to Bali and celebrate the New Year on my native island with friends, I also had a performance on New Year's Eve party. Preparations are still in full swing for my festival "Reverse" which will be held in Marabito on February 12 and on 26th in Savaya. At the beginning of February, I will shoot a stream on the wing of the airplane of «Private Jet Villa». The 1st in the world luxury jet villa on a 150-meter cliff above the beautiful ocean on the island of Gods.
— What do you wish to achieve in 2022?
— I can reveal a few of my plans for 2022. This year I want to release my first album. Also, my focus will be on the development of streaming platforms, so expect a lot of beautiful videos. In general, it is difficult to plan something far in the condition of a pandemic. But in April I will return to Moscow with new music and conceptual events.
— How does your tour schedule look like? Already came back to having gigs?
— At the moment, all performances in Indonesia are booked until the end of March.