Broken Robot: everyone has their own cup of tea in music

Now the time for the new interview has come and today we are presenting you Broken Robot aka Golpe.

Radio Intense talked to the Czech music phenomenon about his early years in the industry, new release "Positive Test" on Codex and other upcoming projects.

Check it out below!
— Hi Vaclav! How are you today? Thanks for answering this interview.
— Hey, thank you I'm doing well!
— Let's see how it is all started. When did you realize that you want to pursue your career in electronic music and especially techno?
— I never thought I wanted to start a career, it all came by itself over time. Originally I wanted to play only for friends, but over time I was noticed by important promoters who kicked me into that career. From the age of 15, I started going to a techno party as a partygoer. Once my friends showed me gramophones, it immediately amazed me and I bought my own, it was 2003/2004 and in 2005 I start to play in local smaller clubs, where I was noticed by the promoter of the biggest techno event in our country – Apokalypsa.
— I know that you have two stage names. One is Golpe and another is Broken Robot. What differs them? Why did you decide to create two aliases?
— Golpe is from the beginning focused on a harder style (hardtechno / schranz)

When I started experimenting with techno (2018) I didn't want to publish my work under my harder alter ego and I chose the path under a new name - Broken Robot.
— You are originally from Czech Republic. How would you describe the scene over there?
— Currently, techno is one of the most popular styles in our country. The most popular style of electronic music here for a long time is Drum and Bass.

The audience is very energetic with a positive vibe that you feel!

For our techno scene does a lot: CUBE events, im resident of this party, we have always special unique locations for the events (Church, Cave, Castle, BOAT). Then guys from EXIT events from Brno doinf also a lot for the scene here.
Spartaque has already played for both of them, so he knows they are the right people ☺
— Your new release "Positive Test" is coming on Codex. How do you feel about the release? Is the name a reference to what is happening right now in the world?
— I'm very happy with this release, for me Codex is currently one of the best labels, carefully selected tracks for each week, great supply of good techno for the scene!

Yes, it's based on the vocals from the track, where he says "This is Only a TEST", so I called it positive test, because of the negative situation in the world and associated testing of people.
— There are 3 tracks on the release. Please, describe them.
— I wanted to do a different style of tracks, than is currently usual, everything seems to me very similar now… but everyone has their own cup of tea in music…

Positive Test – Bassy beat with changing rhytm, Heavy mindblow SIREN in drops and irritating male Vocal

Diagonal – Groovy beat with gradual gradation of synths and percusion elements. Just Basic.

You Are My XTC - Simple straight beat, accompanied by percusion rhytm, Vocal i choose, because of my girlfriend hh ☺
— Do you have any news you would like to share?
— Nothing special, just my upcoming release on Say What, Renesanz and Mars For Miles, which coming out around June, July. I think, its again diffrent style and i hope u would like it ☺