Bored Machines: we are more producers than DJs

We are happy to welcome our next guests, Bored Machines!

Bored Machines is a DJ & Producer duo from Brazil.

We talked to Bored Machines about their upcoming release "Crazy" on RIM and other projects. Read more below!
Hi guys! How is everything going for you? Happy to be chatting with you today!
— Hey, it's a pleasure to chat with you too!
Could you tell us more about your music path? When did you both first realize that you want to be musicians?
— We work on Bored Machines almost 9 years but before that we both had our solo projects so we have more than 10 years working with music. We started "Bored Machines" in 2014 by producing some tunes and the project was live before we present ourselves at dance floors, so we are more producers than DJs. At this point we already know that this is what we want to do for life.
We are pleased to be chatting with you around the release of "Crazy" coming on RIM in early February. We'd love to hear more about the production process and the story behind the release.
— "Crazy" started with the drums (almost all of our songs start with the drums,) than we work on the bass groove, we were trying to find some very groovy bass that fits with the drums. Our idea was to make the dance floor pump with all this groove. After this we started to look for some special fx like the lasers and wobbles and while we are searching for this, we found the vocal (the original idea it's to be a track without vocal). In this moment we thought that will be nice to have some chopped vocals with glitch effects along the song and it fits perfectly.
What do you plan to do after the release drops?
— Well besides all the marketing plan we've prepared to do on social medias, we have a gig on ElFortin (4thbiggest club in Brazil) that will be the first gig we will play the song after the release so we are planning to record this for sure. The gig is a part of the release plan.
Can you talk us through your creative process when making music? Are there any key pieces of equipment or software that you use?
— We have a home studio here with one laptop and a pair os booth monitor (krk rokit 6) this is our equipment, nothing special. About the creative process, we have a different method of work, it's like we always are making a collab between us two, sometimes Andre starts an idea, sometimes Maicon starts another one so we work on these ideas separately until we have something more structured to show and at this point, we work together on studio finishing the songs.
Tell us a fun fact about yourselves? Do you have any interesting hobbies?
— We have another big friend of us that we meet every month and do some barbecues together with some beer and hookah, it's our hobby to meet with our friends, of course in these moments a lot of stories are made but that's better left for another interview hahaha.
Thank you so much for chatting with us today and congrats on your release. To finish off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you'd like to share with us?
— Well, this on its the first release of the year but we already have another 5 releases scheduled until June and of course our first gig of the year that will be the official release of crazy on the dance floors.

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