Bontan: the key is to always be unique

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Bontan!

Long-established house talent Bontan makes a much-anticipated return to Hot Creations in June. Gifting us with the two-track Gold Teeth, it showcases the UK-native at his best and continues a standout 2022 that has already seen him release on Hot Since 82's Knee Deep In Sound last month.

We caught up with the artist to find out more. Enjoy!
Hi Bontan, thanks for talking to us today! How are you and where are you based at the moment?
— I'm great thank you! I'm living in the countryside just outside of Liverpool currently.
You've got a new release out on Hot Creations titled 'Gold Teeth'. In our opinion it's one of your best to date! Can you tell us more about it?
— I wanted to make a record that wouldn't sound out of place at both a festival or club. I wrote the percussion loop on 'Gold Teeth' and along with the vocal, those two elements are the driving force of the record.
You seem to have a strong connection with Hot Creations now. How did the relationship come about?
— So in 2017 I sent Jamie a record called 'The First Time' and he came back straight away asking to sign the record and pushed to get the record out just before summer hit. It then went on to become one of my biggest selling tracks and has had millions of streams on Spotify & YouTube. Since then I've played a lot of paradise parties in Ibiza, NYC & Miami. My sound just seems to resonant with fans of the label and events.
We'd love to know more about how you work in the studio, do you have a process or just see how things flow?
— I always start with a kick drum and start building percussion. I feel that if you can get the drums sounding interesting then it will sound even better with bass and musical elements added. I've started using ableton and the push 50% of the time and then logic the other half and I always use my Moogs for my basslines.
As one of the best-selling acts on Beatport, do you have any advice for upcoming producers?
— You have to be a part of the scene and culture. Go to your favourite events regularly, connect with your favourite DJs and start sending music around once you have built your own unique sound. The key is to always be unique. I've always tried to lean away from what's popular at that moment.
Who are your biggest musical influences?
— Masters At Work I'd say are my biggest influences. No matter what they did they always pushed boundaries musically.
What are your hobbies or interests outside of music?
— I'm unfortunately obsessed with Everton FC. Which is a shame because of how bad we are! I wish my hobbies extended further than that but most of my interests revolve around music and fashion within music.
Do you have any upcoming projects or gigs you can tell us about?
— I'm working on records for my label at the minute 'We Belong' and then an event series.
I'll also be playing paradise this month on the 27th which I can't wait for!