BLUE AURAS: music which touches your soul and gives you goosebumps

Today Radio Intense had an opportunity to talk with mysterious BLUE AURAS.

A famous Spanish DJ and Producer is using his alias BLUE AURAS to launch his new label "AMMMA" together with IAMT Music Group and bring to the world his first release "Geometric Aura". He's staying undercover for now but one day the riddle will be solved.

Be ready for the energy of BLUE AURAS and read below his thoughts about the industry, new label and fresh release.
— Hello BLUE AURAS! How are you doing? It's a pleasure to talk to you.
— Hi, the pleasure is mine! I'm doing great thank you what about yourself?
— So, it is very exciting to see what you are doing with your new alias. I cannot say your real name so far, but I would like to mention that I am talking to a well-known Spanish artist. However, this time you decided to create another alias for yourself – AURA. Why did you do it and why don't you want to reveal it at the moment?
— The reason why I created Blue Auras is that for last few years I have been experiencing a certain turn in the music I have been creating. I could go to deeper places, more melancholic moments and I tried to make the best out of it, thinking I could express it in my music. Why I don't want to reveal myself yet is only because I want for my music to speak. The music will speak for itself and find it's real audience. I strongly believe in it.
— Who is BLUE AURAS for you and what does it represent?
— It represents artistic music which touch your soul, which gives you goosebumps and take you to places where you just want to close your eyes and dance Forget about all the world around you and live in the moment. BLUE AURAS stands for deep sense of trust, loyalty and devotion to the music.
— You have not only created the new alias but also started your new label "AMMMA" together with IAMT Music Group. What is the main idea of "AMMMA"?
— AMMMA is a new concept, mix between music, love and spirituality . This will stand for organizing events in outstanding natural locations, where our DJs feel connected to the earth people and create vibe, which is not going to be forgotten. There is an idea to help upcoming artists and producers and have the opportunity to play at these special locations.
— What do you want to achieve within the label?
— I simply wish to express this part of me and make music I love.
— The first release "Geometric Aura" is out soon on "AMMMA". There are 2 tracks on the EP. How would you describe them?
— Both tracks are very different, however at the same time both tracks were done during pandemic time and represent the moment where I realize I want to change my style and go to deeper areas.
— What else in the store for you in the nearest future?
— I have always been a very artistic person, who is working simultaneously on lots of different projects. There is always something for me to keep my mind busy. I have several things going on, such as music, festivals, my own fashion brand and couple of more I can not reveal as yet. Stay tuned! Thank you for all .