Beatsonik & Brown Vox: music is the passion that unites us

Today we are meeting two artists of tech house genre - Beatsonik & Brown Vox!

Beatsonik, producer of Tech House and Ecuadorian DJ, is undoubtedly a prominent and growing artist in the electronic scene inside and outside the country. His refined musical ear and his
undeniable talent have placed him as one of the most important
references of his genre. The versatility, inventiveness and creativity that characterize Beatsonik's work opened the doors of important record labels worldwide.

Brown Vox(aka Yehuda Salomon) is a musician and House Music producer based in Tel Aviv Israel. With over 15 years of dedicated musical experience, he has a strong foundation and knows how to deliver stylistic unique productions that leave lasting impressions. He illuminates his passion and devotion in this industry by creating phenomenal melodies that protrude unique and memorable traits.

Radio Intense had a chance to ask young talents about their musical backgrounds, new release "DOPE" on RIM and future expectations. Do not wait and read it below!
Hello guys! How are you doing? Let's start from the beginning. Please, share your story about your experience in music industry. How did you become artists which we know as Beatsonik and Brown Vox?
Beatsonik: — Hello. I started from a very young age, I have always liked music. I went through the conservatory, I learned to play guitar, piano, but always with the ease of getting melodies only with my ear. As a child, I used to play mixing with sound equipment, disc man, with a taste for all genres, but especially electronic music.

Brown Vox: — Hi. My Music journey has started many years ago, at the age of 9, with experiences such as 6 years of playing Saxophone and Piano and over 15 years of music production, music has been always the biggest and main passion in my life.

The brand & project 'Brown Vox' I started at the beginning of this year, the death of my beloved grandmother and a beginning of world pandemic caused me to rearrange my time and goals and one of my decisions was to take my biggest love a step forward.
And why did you choose tech house genre?
Beatsonik: — Over the years, I already began to mix with turntables, then CD players, but always with the versatility that has characterized me. Later, making the leap towards production and started my project as Beatsonik in 2016, becoming international in 2018, choosing Tech House as my musical line, being a lover of House swing and the strength of Techno, a mix between both genres, which always transmit energy, power and good vibes.

Brown Vox: — Since the beginning I knew my project will be based on Tech House and Deep Tech Minimal genres combined with my all influences and develop my own style.
I was always passionate and obsessed with house music since I remember myself, so I couldn't pick another genre for my productions.
What are the highlights of your career so far and what do you still aim to achieve?
Beatsonik: — I consider that the most important highlight in my career so far has been my América Tour, which I did the previous year 2019-2020. It was a total success! Visit Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Panama, USA. In each country with a lot of acceptance from the people with my show, a lot of connection with my music, sold outs gigs and a very good experience with each public in each country. Mexico, Colombia and Paraguay were unfortunately pending due to the pandemic.

Brown Vox: — Brown Vox so far are being signed on top labels and getting few time on the Top100 and Top10 charts on Beatport on the first year of this project.
The things that are still have to be achieved are being on the biggest stages and spread my music in front of thousands, I'm very patient and very aware of the situation of this year and the pace of progress in the industry, I hope soon we'll know better days and then sooner or later I'll get there, by then it's the time of taking care of ourselves and work hard.
Your new release "DOPE" will be out very soon on RIM. Please, tell us more about the release. What make this EP special?
— We are very happy to be able to release this new Ep through RIM, a new label with a lot of potential and projection in the electronic industry with good talents so far. We did this collaboration project, fusing our styles with a lot of groove through our bass lines. We love party!
How did you manage to collaborate between each other?
— We are part of other labels, in this way we met and got in touch. We talked about collaborating on various projects, DOPE being one of them. We had a lot of connection and good chemistry to work together. We consider that our works have been carried out with a lot of passion, that same passion that unites us, and that is MUSIC.
What are you plans for the beginning of 2021?
Beatsonik: — Go further and to more people with my music, to be able to visit more countries around the world and conquer new markets, new audiences and show them who Beatsonik is. It has been a difficult year for everyone, especially for the music industry, but I am sure that next year will be better, at least with a lot of new #beatsoniksound.

Brown Vox: — The plans for 2021, hopefully when pandemic is over and more lockdowns and social distancing, are to be out there and spread these new music with lots of people.