Bastet: I'm trying to do a fusion of everything I like in music

Today we are pleased to welcome another guest, Bastet!

Bastet is a DJ & Producer based in Amsterdam. We talked to the talent about his upcoming release "Behind the Life" on Codex and other projects. Find out more below!
— Hello Fran! How are you doing? Thanks for chatting with us today! Congratulations on your upcoming release "Behind the Life" on Codex! What can you tell us about the EP?
— It is an EP where I wanted to gather all the elements that I currently like: acid lines, strong basses and trance melodies.

It is also an EP where I gave maximum freedom to creativity, without any rules.
— Are there any other projects are you currently working on?
— Yes, I am currently working on several projects at the same time. Several EPs will be released soon by major labels. I'm trying to turn my music 180 degrees and produce music that I'm 100% comfortable with.
— We'd love to hear a bit about your story that led you to your career in music? How did it all begin for you and what first inspired you to get started?
— It all started when I was little. My father had a record collection and played a lot of music. Over the years, I became more interested, and I got some dishes. For a 17-year-old boy, buying a vinyl was an impossible mission. I thought: if I don't have money to buy vinyl or CDs, let's make the music myslf. The next day, I found myself installing the FastTracker program on an old PC my father had. That's how it all started..
Can you tell us a bit about the artists or genres that have influenced you the most in your careers?
— I started with the break, a very established style in my city and I love to include elements from other genres. I am passionate about merging styles. It's complicated and that's why I like it, it's a real challenge for me. I also like other music genres like Psy-Trance, Hard-Techno. Right now, I'm trying to do a fusion of everything I like. Music is not just patterns and elements. From the beginning of a track, you have to tell a story and try to make the public feel what you felt at that moment.
— Where can we see you DJ in the nearest future?
— I've recently settled in Amsterdam and I have my residence in the mythical Amsterdam Club "John Doe". Starting in July I will have a new monthly residence in "Ijland Amsterdam". I have several important projects and events but they cannot be revealed yet.
— To round things off, is there anything else upcoming from Bastet that you'd like to share with us?
— I would love to be able to share more with all of you but it's still all Top secret... Some very important collaborations, festivals around the world. And soon the American tour will begin.