Barbuto: my sound is driving and high energy but with a fairly upbeat nature

Today we are pleased to welcome an amazing talent, Barbuto!

Barbuto is a Sydney based techno producer & DJ for 23 years with releases on Set About, Phobiq, OFF, Tronic, Unity, Octopus, Codex, Mavic Music.

To mark the new release "Beside You" on Codex, we invited Barbuto for a chat, enjoy!
— Hello Christian! How are you doing today? Thanks for chatting with us!
— Doing really well and it's an absolute pleasure, I love to chat about music projects.
— For any readers that are unfamiliar with you, can you tell us a bit about BARBUTO?
— I live in Sydney Australia however I just moved (back) to Sydney after living the majority of my life (26 years) in North America. I started Doing in 1999 and producing in 2009. I started to take production seriously in 2012 and had my first big signing to Octopus in 2015. Techno is my passion and brand however I am also a club DJ of various styles and sounds around Sydney. I am basically a new DJ starting from scratch in Sydney after living abroad for so long. I have a professional DJ set up and studio in the heart of the city where I also offer private lessons. My record label is called Mavic Music and we are about to hit our 90th release.
Congratulations on the upcoming release of your new Beside You EP on Codex. Can you talk to us through the release and how it came about?
— Thank you I am very pleased and excited to release this music on Codex. My sound is driving and upbeat so Codex is the perfect platform for me. I started sending Spartaque music a few years ago and finally we did it so very happy.
— How would you describe your current sound, and why have you chosen to pursue this particular brand electronic music over other styles? What is it about the genre that you love so much?
— My sound as I mentioned earlier is driving and high energy but with a fairly upbeat nature. While I love all styles of techno I tend to not make music that is too sinister or dramatic with overly long melodic break downs. More of a punch in your face energy and to the point linear big riffs and impacts. The message is more one of a stance in life that all is good and headed in the right direction.
— Onto production. What does your studio set up look like?
— Very basic but dialed in to my personal work flow habits. I am 100% in the box with Logic and use lots of samples in different types of software and online samplers. Most importantly is my room is properly treated by Sound Accoustics Australia and I use 3 sets of speakers, some really cheap Pioneer DJM50's (these are my favorite) then a big set of 12 inch Audiocentre dance tops then finally the last stage on my Adam A7s and a few different pairs of headphones.
— Do you have a production process in the studio or do you just see how it flows?
— These days I create a drum template that is energetically what I am into at that moment then work on synth ideas. Having template means I can get right into the musicality and stay motivated to create. I rearrange the drums at the end. I try to use just 2 synth ideas that flow in and out of each other and resample riffs to create pads, leads, effects and impacts. Its a very simple process that keeps the DAW uncluttered and just using a few tracks. I rarely will go over 12 to 15 tracks including drums and effects. I work closely with Slash Engineering on the final mix and master and test tracks many times before finalizing and sending off as demos.
— Lastly, do you have any upcoming gigs or projects you would like to tell us about?
— I am working on tracks every day, coaching some DJs here in Sydney and focusing on my label Mavic Music. Hopefully before "Beside You" comes out on Codex at the end of the month I will have my next EP ready to go.