Bagagee Viphex13: music has become emotional

We love presenting you artists from all over the world! Here we go again and welcome another great asset of IAMT - Bagagee Viphex13.
Bagagee Viphex13 is a techno DJ and a Producer who usually plays as in Korean underground scene as all over the world, and also the head of Davotab Records. We talk to the Korean shooting star about his path in the local and international music industry, new joint release "Get Off" with Pierre Blanche on IAMT and future expectations. Read it now below!
Hi Park. How are you doing? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Hello everyone and nice to meet you :-)
Please, share more information about your artistic profile. What does Bagagee Viphex13 mean and what is your story?
— Right, Bagagee Viphex13 is a very weird name. And many people feel hard to pronounce it. When I was a young DJ I only used "bagagee". It is Korean word and My real name is "Park Hanjin" . When pronounced quickly, it sounds as bagagee. However, many promoters wanted to change the name to be tacky as it was a Korean word, and I added another word instead of changing it.

"Viphex13" is is a kind of homage from Aphex Twin, a musician I like.
— You are from South Korea. Tell us more about the scene over there. What challenges is it facing? What is the difference in comparison with European scene?
— Korea, especially Seoul, where I live, has a very large EDM market. In a single city, festivals such as the Ultra Music Festival are held 10 times a year, which proves its scale.

However, the balance between the underground and the EDM scene is not right (as is the case in other countries as well). In particular, there are few techno scenes. Even more, there is no club that plays my favorite driving and banging 128~130bpm techno.

So I've been making my own party, and I've even been holding my own festival for 6 years. Some of them were seriously ruined and some were very successful.

If think positively, it's good that there are no competitors and that there is the potential to improve.

Sometimes when I go sightseeing in Europe, I feel that the underground club and the fan base are evenly distributed. I think that is the challenge I have to do in Korea.
— 3 favorite places to play in Korea.
— Very sadly, many clubs have been shut down from Covid19 pandemic, and my favorite club, "MWG", was closed early October. The club was a 26-year-old historic place.

Another favorite space is "The Cliff", which is located on Jeju Island. As a joke, we call it Korean Ibiza. As the name, it is a club on a cliff with very beautiful views and vibes.

And it hasn't been opened yet, but next month there will be a club called "Shelter". It's a techno club and the sound interior is perfect! I'm going to do a residency at that club, so maybe it'll be my favorite place?
We are very excited about your mutual release with Pierre Blanche on IAMT. Tell us more about "Get Off".
— Pierre Blanche are very close friends, and we meet very often for hang out, and work together. We have been making music together for a long time, especially the track "Cry" included in Get Off EP was completed in October 2019.

Since there is a total of 3 producers working, we met before making a song, thought about the concept, and sketched in their respective studios. After that, it's a very efficient way to develop a good part by exchanging project files, recollecting and completing them.

The interesting result is that the composition method is similar to Complextro in the EDM genre, as they combine good sources in their project files. If you listen to Cry and Get Off, you will probably notice that the leading sources pop out one by one.
What was your inspiration for the release?
— Above all, it is a sound design. Just turn on the computer and make a funny sound, oh! I think it would be great to make a song out of this. The process of progressing the song contains many personal stories and current feelings. So these days, music has become emotional.
What can we expect from you in the nearest future?
— I know many foreigners think Koreans are good at games. After all, since I am in Korea, I am exposed to many parts related to game industries, and I work to make game music besides composing techno music.

Recently, I composed the PUBG season 8 music and esport main theme, and I also made the season 9 music and are waiting for the launching.

If any of the people who watch this interview love techno and also love PUBG, I hope you find my music. :-)