Axis of Time: Freedom

Today Radio Intense is happy to present you another interview. This time with Axis of Time!

We talked to the techno experts about their musical vision, new remix of Cave's Mirage coming on Set About and future perspectives.

— Hello! How is everything going? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Hey hey, thank you for the invitation! We had the chance to enjoy few summer events, and in rest of the time we escaped the heat in the studio.
— What is the main purpose of your project "Axis of Time"?
— Freedom. Not to be bound the usual way to the industry. Like that we feel free to do whatever we want soundwise.
— How can you describe the sound of "Axis of Time?
— Emotions, energy, memories, always something to remember and feel in each track.
— Your new remix of Cave's "Mirage" is coming soon on Set About. What can you tell about this release?
— Cave is an old friend from the real techno years and we have always loved his work. We felt that we can put our touch in an interesting way in Mirage and the result was pretty exciting for us. Road tested many times - people always love it.
— It's your second release on Set About. What do you like about the label?
— Again freedom. Metodi and Gallya are always led by what they feel and enjoy and this reflects greatly on the label.
— Do you have any other upcoming projects worth mentioning?
— Release with Nikolay Kirov for Oliver Heldens label "Heldeep", including also remix by Metodi and one really exiting EP on EXE Audio of Pavel Petrov
— Do you have any gigs planned soon or you are focusing on something else this time?
— It seems the world is preparing for another series of lockdowns, so our future is more and more music and experiments.