AVAKE: My intention is to support and accompany people on their journey with my songs

Recently Radio Intense has had a talk with a young and talented artist - AVAKE.

AVAKE is a german 21-year-old music producer with a unique sound by letting Pop collab with EDM. Animated by Mia Vaile, the back then seventeen-year-old AVAKE started producing music in December 2016 followed by his first release 'Run' feat. Anja Enerud in January 2017.

This time AVAKE is releasing "No More Tears" on Aorta Records and we could not miss the chance to talk not only about the release, but about his musical journey and future expectations.
Hello Daniel. How are you?
— Hey! I'm fine, thank you! Hope you all are doing great! Very excited to have this interview.
So, let's get to know AVAKE. First of all, as an artist – what can you tell about AVAKE?
— I've started producing music in 2018 under the name 'AVAKE'. Before that, I had a really random, meaningless name. I wasn't searching for a new artist name but one day I've read the word 'awake' and I was so amazed by the word and the meaning behind it. I thought this would make a really cool artist name but I had to make it a bit individual. That's the reason why I switched the W with a V, I think it looks pretty dope. That's when my artist name was born.

Many people think about 'not being asleep' or being 'awake' when they hear my name, but that's not how I see the name.
I understand awake (AVAKE) with 'to start to understand or feel something' or 'to make someone start to understand or feel something, 'to awake someone'.
In this case, I think my music and lyrics can get people to feel something or think about something, they haven't thought or felt about before.
They hear my song, relate to the lyrics, and start thinking about it.

My intention is to support and accompany people on their journey and maybe bring back memories and also feelings with my songs.
— How did you start producing music?
— It all started when I was a little kid. My parents sent me to piano and guitar lessons/school and I've never paid much attention. This just didn't fulfill me. I had the desire to create something 'complete', not just playing an instrument which is a part of 'something complete', e.g. a song.

Around the age of nine I've had my first music production software, Magix Music Maker. I started by throwing loops together and by mashing up songs. To be honest, I've had no idea what I was doing there. That's why I quitted pretty fast.

When I was at about age 16, I checked my social media and saw my favorite band, Veorra. Sometimes they've posted some things about music production and suddenly I became interested in producing music. I loved their music for many years and I wanted to become just as good as them.

This was the point where I've got FL Studio. I took so many courses and tutorials to start learning production at a high level. I'm still learning nowadays too! By time, my music started to sound like actual, good songs and here I am!
— Who are your main music influences?
— I think one can definitely say that my biggest music influence is Illenium. I love the sound he's creating and I'm giving my best to become as good as him!

Another big influence is Unknown Brain. Been a fan for many years now. I'm especially inspired by the new sound he manages to create, really awesome!

Some other great artist which have influence in my music are William Black, Sinner's Heist, Loote and Grey.
— Your upcoming release "No More Tears" on Aorta will be out on the 25thof December. It's some kind of a Christmas present for us all. Please, describe this release. How did you come up with the idea of this song? And what message did you want to transmit to the audience?
— When I've started making that song, there was a very special person in my life. I had so many emotions, which I wanted to express and I wanted to make a song about that so bad! I started the production and I was amazed, because I could transform everything I felt into energy for and in that song. Then, I got these amazing vocals and lyrics which just fit so perfectly to what I want to express.

At this point, I knew that this song would be a hit. Maybe not for others, but for me. I accomplished to express my feelings not only by the lyrics, but also with the melody and the song itself. After the song was done, I was the happiest person on earth but then the tables have turned.

The person this song was for left my life and all of the sudden, everything was dark.
The song I've made for a special person suddenly had no meaning.

I've forgot about that song for a while. After a few months I listened to that song and realized how much the song still meant to me:
The song is a time-capsule for me, which has every memory, thought, and experience all in one.This song is a tribute to everything we've had and I'm really happy about that. Even if it's a very happy love song, it triggers sad memories in me, but I love to look back on everything I had with that person.
What do you expect in 2021?
— 2020 was a rough year. The lockdown got many people bored but also very creative.

This year was a great production year for me. I think 2021 will be a good year for music. I've planned many releases that are really dope.

I'm really excited about my new release and cooperation with Aorta. I'm really happy that they believe in that song and support me.

All in all I've got no big expectations for 2021. No one can predict what will happen and I'm happy as long it won't get worse.