Auriga: this year has been very good and challenging for me

Today we had pleasure to talk with gorgeous Auriga!

Hot off the back of two huge debut releases on Second State and Odd Recordings earlier in the year, internationally celebrated Spanish techno sensation Auriga continued her hugely prolific run of 2021 with her latest huge EP, this time on the one and only I AM Techno (IAMT).

Released back in September via Spartaque's burgeoning, Barcelona-based imprint, Auriga's 'Underneath' EP marked the Spaniard's inaugural foray on IAMT, delivering an immense two-part package worthy of any label debut. We caught up with Alejandra from her home in Oviedo, Spain to find out more. Check it out!
Hello Alejandra! How are you? Thanks for answering these questions!
— Hello! I am very excited because the electronic music scene is already in full swing. We all really want to go out, enjoy ourselves and make up for lost time.
Can you explain when you fell in love with electronic music and how you got into the industry?
— In 2001 my friends took me to a party at La Real, a famous nightclub in my hometown in northern Spain, Oviedo. I was literally blown away by this music, but it was not until many years later that I felt that my computer work did not fulfill me and I learned to DJ and later to make music. My life changed for the better and I started to feel totally motivated and happy.
Massive congratulations on your recent two-part EP on IAMT. Can you talk to us more about this project?
— It was a big step in my career as IAMT is one of my reference labels.
With each work you learn and improve technically. They are two very special tracks for me, "Underneath" has a very marked bass and minimal and melodic touches. and Suffocating is harder, more in raw style. I am very happy with the response from the public and the feedback I've received so far and I hope you like them!
You've had an incredibly successful year so far. What have been some of the biggest highlights?
— This year has been very good and challenging for me. I have released music on 3 of my favorite labels: Odd Recordings, Second State and IAMT, I have recorded a podcast for Awakenings. Also the electronic music scene is already back on track and I have been able to play in some countries for the first time such as Poland, Hungary, Portugal etc. So I feel very excited and motivated for all to come.
Looking forwards, do you have any goals or objectives you would like to achieve in the future as an artist?
— I can't tell you specific festivals, clubs or labels I would like to play or release music. Just being able to express myself musically and feel proud of what music I've published, that would be my greatest achievement.

I would love to be fulfilled myself as an artist and be able to bring out everything that I carry inside. One of my dreams would be to do a live performance with a lot of machines.
— Can you mention a few pieces of your studio equipment that you're really loving at the moment?
— I love my Arturia Minibrute S2, a semi-modular synthesizer with a lot of possible configurations and possibilities to generate sound, being able to follow many different paths and not only those preset by traditional synthesizers. It has a great expandability with a modular rack, something I want to do in the future.

I also have a Moog sub37 that sounds incredible, and not only that, it gets my creativity flowing with its design and feel.
How is it like in Spain right now? Any improvements on this matter in the current situation?
— Spain is emerging! There are a lot of new parties and even new clubs! It's amazing how the music scene has recovered so fast.
Where can we see you DJ over the coming months?
— I have some gigs soon in Madrid, País Vasco, Toledo,…and outside Spain in Lisbon, Poland, Hungary, Germany. We are also organizing a tour in Latín America for the next year, so I'm very happy for that.
Finally, do you have any other projects coming up soon that you'd like to share with us?
— I'm actually just finishing my third EP right now, I am putting a lot of me and hard work on this new EP. It's hard Techno with minimal style and also very groovy and hypnotic.

Can't wait to show it to you!