Audiomatiques: techno is a genre I identify with and love in every aspect

We find ourselves very happy to talk to people who we became friends with because of our mutual work. Today's interview is an example of that. Radio Intense is presenting you - Audiomatiques.

Audiomatiques is a techno artist with a peak time style that fuses high-paced rhythms with dark atmosphere and infectious melody to create a solid groove with hard-hitting percussion.

Originally Audiomatiques started out as a duo, but it's now the solo project of Marco Conte who was born in Italy and currently lives in Spain.

Regularly releasing on influential labels like Unrilis and Loose Records of which he is also A&R, along with the likes of Codex, Octopus, Respekt and AnalyticTrail, he has an international fanbase making him a popular DJ booking who has played sets everywhere from America to China, including events and festivals such as Cosmo, Social Music City, Elrow and Output New York.

We talked to Marco about the beginning of his career, love to techno and future plans. Check it out below!
— Hello Marco! How are you today? Thank you for answering these questions!
— Hi Olly, I am very well and thanks for having me for this interview.
— Tell us more about Audiomatiques. What is a story behind the project? And what about the name?
— I've been playing as a DJ since I was a teenager. Over time, I felt the need to take the next step: to produce my music.
The project Audiomatiques was born in 2010 from a need: my need not only to play music, but to make music, to live with music, to be part of the music.
This is also why my artist name resembles the word automatic, because it is when I produce and play my music that I automatically feel connected to my world.
— Why did you choose techno among other genres?
— I've always loved all genres of music but when I got to know techno it was love at first sight.
Techno is a genre I identify with and love in every aspect from its underground culture to its intense beats.
— What is special about the tracks you produce? What makes them different from others?
— I think all my tracks have my own timbre. It is a sound that I have developed over the years and that I am constantly trying to improve.
My productions focus on fusing high-paced rhythms with dark atmosphere and infectious melody to create a solid groove with hard-hitting percussion.
It is important that the tracks work well on the dance floor and arouse the emotions of the clubbers.
— You had two releases on Codex and now Spartaque made a remix on your track "Interferencias". Also, as far as I know, you have good relationship with Codex's team. What do you like about the label and why do you choose to have your releases there?
— Besides being good friends, I have a lot of respect for Spartaque and the Codex team for the excellent work they do on the label. I'm also the A&R of two Neapolitan techno labels, Unrilis and Loose Records and I know how much passion, dedication and work require quality work. With Codex I have embarked on a rewarding journey, Interferencias, for example, has reached more than 1.5 million streams on Spotify, and I am excited for the next collaborations. .
— Let's talk about other projects which you have. Any new exciting works coming up soon? If so, please, tell us more about them.
— Two new EPs will be released soon, one on Unrilis and the other on Codex.
I am working on new tracks and I am collaborating on various projects within the music industry that will start in 2021, hoping it will be a better year for everyone.
— What plans do you make for 2021?
— 2020 has put a strain on our world. For 2021, my biggest goal is to continue making music with the same passion and intensity as ever.
I will continue to work with determination on all projects I am involved in.
Of course, the biggest desire is to get back to playing and experiencing the unique vibes of our dance floors soon.