Argy: I always start from that one element that will stand out in the club or market

We are happy to present to you our next guest - Argy!

UK based and Greek born artist Argy has carved out a reputation for himself in the scene with his consistently solid releases, signing music to respected imprints such as Play It Say It, Cuttin' Headz, Rebirth and Desolat. He's worked alongside a range of key figures in the industry including Kerri Chandler and Manuel Göttsching, as well as holding down residencies at Amnesia, Space, Destino and Pacha as well as regular appearances at Berlin's Panorama Bar.

Radio Intense talked to the gem about his release of the second remix package from "The Interior Journey" and future projects. Check it out now!
— Hi Argy, pleasure to be chatting with you today! How are you doing and where are you based from right now?
— I am in London, based in Notting Hill, West London was always home for me. It's been almost two decades now!
— We're pleased to be talking with you ahead of the release of the second remix package from your recent album on Renaissance, "The Interior Journey". Part two features remixes from Rodriguez Jr., Magit Cacoon and Loew and it delivers more of the same outstanding quality that was received from part one. How does it feel listening back to this release?
— Albums and releases in general come and go these days, so having so many reinterpretations of my original tracks, makes the album always current somehow. I am so lucky to have so many talented people around me, willing to participate and be part of my interior journey.
— With the remix packages featuring such a strong cast of artists, we'd love to hear a bit about how you selected the remixers for the remix packages?
— We mostly work with friends or people that are more or less within our own community of artists. We try to pitch tracks that are further away from the remixers' sound and strategically diversify the EPs to sit well on Beatport, Spotify etc
— How was the decision made for who would remix which track?
— To be honest, on this particular EP, the artists chose the tracks themselves. Somehow, there were no traffic jams here with the selection..Apart maybe from Loew, I specifically wanted them to do something with 'Damanhur' because they are more leftfield and the track is quite challenging to remix. They did a wonderful job.
— You have been releasing great music for roughly two decades now, on labels such as Renaissance, Voltaire, Get Physical and more. We would love to hear a bit about how it all began for you? When did you first start off in your career and what inspired you to do so?
— I was still studying music technology in Thames Valley university in Ealing, when I first sent my first demo at the age of 19. Steve Bug released 'Love Dose' and that was the beginning! My dream as a child was to one day have a discography..back then not everyone had a release because it took more risk for labels to press vinyl.
— How do you usually approach making music? Do you always start at the same point or does it vary from track to track?
— I always start from that one element, either musical or rhythmic that will stand out in the club or market. Then I build the whole movie around that one magic element. I rarely start from a mediocre basis and then look for the protagonist. I tend to find the star talent first.
— Who are some of your biggest musical influences?
— 90s MTV, Neo-soul, 90s Deep House, Jazz House, bossa nova and later on the Berlin sound 2003-2010. Some other names include: Vangelis, Ruiji Sakamoto, Tangerine Dream, Keith Jarrett, William Basinsky, Massive Attack, Little Louie Vega, Kerri Chandler, MJ Cole.
— Thank you for chatting with us today Argy! It was great to hear a bit more about the album remix packages. To round things off, is there anything else coming up soon from yourself that you would like to let us know about?
— Yes! Remix package no3 to hit the stores before the end of the year! It's going to be the highlight as it's going to focus on one of the main tracks of the album!