Antai, Alter: IAMT Music Group is not work, IAMT is life!

Another year is coming to an end and there is no better way to celebrate it than to listen to new release "Deal Breaker" by Antai and Alter released on Area Verde.

Antai is not only an amazing artist with a lot of experience. He is also a member of IAMT Music Group and let me be personal this time - my mentor. It is difficult to imagine the company without him.

As for Alter, he is a Ukrainian artist and producer of electronic music. In 2014, he began his studio and DJ activities and improved himself as a music producer, remixer, sound engineer and live performer. As a DJ and live performer he was a guest of biggest festivals of electronic music and top clubs in Ukraine when he shared the scene with many world famous artists.

Radio Intense talked to Ukrainian talents about the beginning of their career, music industry in Ukraine, new release and IAMT Music Group.
Check it out right now - there are a lot of worthy insights!
— Hello. How are you doing?
— We are doing pretty well. Thanks! Waiting for some snow! Hopefully it will come this year to Ukraine! :)
— Tell us more about your background in music industry.
— Since childhood we have been inspired by music of different genres - rock of the 60s and 70s, especially psychedelic rock and kraut rock, funk, heavy metal, hip-hop and rap as well, classical music. But in 1998 Antai's elder brother came back from Berlin where he attended the Love Parade and brought a couple of grabbed CDs and audio tapes signed "Acid Music" on it. And that's how we fall in love with the electronic, house music. Since 2000s we began to produce our first tracks on a computer, using old sampler sequencers like "Dance Machine" and "Music Director" (haha, lol). Further, as the programs for producing electronic music were improved, we increased our skills and realized this is the thing that drives us high!
— Why did you choose electronic music among other genres?
— Well, it is difficult to understand exactly "why". It is just something inside that makes us produce and listen to electronic music which always been there.
— Both of you from Ukraine. What can you tell about the industry there?
— Ukrainian electronic scene is now experiencing a new level of its evolution. There are a lot of great and talented artists appear to be in Ukraine.
In addition, some artists from Ukraine managed to become world stars which is a matter of proud! If to talk about the clubs we have a couple of good places among which are - Closer, Heaven and Keller. These are the best places to go and to play at. Unfortunately all of them are in pandemic schedule at the moment but hopefully will survive these hard times for the industry.
— Antai, how do you feel about working for IAMT Music Group?
— Since music is the meaning of my life – there is no better place to work than the place where you are surrounded by the people who love music as much as you do and besides the people who are professionals in their fields – IAMT Music Group!

I appreciate the trust and support of Spartaque and Greenjack they provide. Glad to be on board! All the team members are doing their best for the artists, partners, for the music and of course for all the fans! It is not work, this is life!
— Your release "Deal Breaker" will be out soon on Area Verde. Please, share more info about it. What was your inspiration?
— The release was a quantum leap for us. We tried to combine beautiful mysterious melodic moves with a dynamic powerful groove, and express in music our individuality and our own transformation as artists and music producers.
— The release feels like a Christmas present. By the way, how are you going to spend your Christmas and New Year's Eve?
— We prefer to celebrate Christmas and New Year with our families. So nothing special. A dining table, a bottle of Champaign with family around. Nothing can be more significant for us but the family. After that on the 1stof January we gonna play our NY DJ set on a closed party at a secret place in Kiev. Great start of 2021 we guess. )