Anela: electronic music is my future

We are glad to welcome our next guest, gorgeous Anela!

Antonella Anela, a.k.a. ANELA born in Belgium. She started as a model until she discovered Techno - that was love at first sight.
She turned her passion into a job

We talked to the techno donna about her upcoming release together with Tony Romanello called "Starliner" and other projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Anela! How are you? Thank you for being with us today!
— Hi Olly!! I'm fine,thanks. It is also a pleasure for me!!
— So, how did you start your music career? How did you become interested in electronic music?
— Even if I knew about Electronic Music, I didn't understand this music, but one evening night I went to a disco where Mario Piu was playing and in this moment I realized strangely that my future would be electronic music.
We are pleased to be chatting with you around the release of "Starliner" together with Tony Romanello coming on IAMT on the 8th of April. Great vibes across both tracks on the release! We'd love to hear more about the production process and the story behind the release.
— Tony and I were always talking about doing a joint EP together. We started sending some stem files and concepts over the Internet back-and-forth and we ended up making this peak time techno release consisting of dark raw energy with tension buildup's using Tb - 303 acid lines.
— It's not your first release with IAMT. What do you like about working with the label?
— I like your label very much because I like the way you value work made by DJs that you have chosen.
— Which track of yours could be considered as the strongest at the moment and why?
— In my opinion, the strongest track at the moment is "HYDRA" because the bass of this track is very powerful . Listening to this track, it reminds me of the soldier's march.
— Which hobbies do you have apart from music world?
— Appart from music, I am a very active person. I am a mother, a wife and I go to the gym... I love fashion, I have studied fashion and I'm still studying it.
I have also a laboratory with sewing machines, where I'm creating custom-made models for me and my two daughters.
— If you could choose one phrase to describe your daily motivation, what would it be?
— Finally, do you have any news you would like to share with us?
— Yes I have news for you !
I'have created a track with a singer that is already finished but at the moment it is a demo which i think it could be suitable for the spring period …