Andy Mart: I am very picky about music

We are happy to welcome our next guest, Andy Mart!

Andy Mart is a techno Producer & DJ . He is as well the author of the weekly Mix Machine podcast on DI.FM.

To mark the new exclusive video stream on Radio Intense, we invited Andy for a chat, enjoy!
Hello Andy! How are you doing today? - Fine. Finally made it to my studio at home
— Pleasure to speak with you! Whereabouts are you right now? - Thank you too. I am currently in Warsaw, Poland
— Tell us more about your artistic project. How would you describe Andy Mart?
This is exclusively my own project, which I completely and completely dedicate to Techno music and culture and DJing, as well as everything connected with it.
With releases on Say What?, Reload Records, Gain Records and many more, can you tell us more about your productions? What would be your highlights of the year regarding the releases?
— Yes Indeed, it was a very significant release for me, which took place on "SayWhat?" and extremely happy to be a part of this label owned by Ramon Tapia (and I am very grateful to him for the release). The EP includes 3 powerful tracks: The original version of "Press F" (it was included in the tracklist of the mix that I played on Radio Intense in Barcelona) and the second original track "Save Me" and finally the third version with a remix from the Italian producer Sisko Electrofanatik.

Following came one memorable and rather bright release, only on reload records with two original tracks "Chrome" and "Contact" - Very pleased with this EP. You can listen to them on my Spotify page.
We would also love to hear about your studio equipment. Can you mention a few pieces of your studio equipment that you're really loving at the moment?
— Everything is pretty simple and compact for me. I really love my studio monitors and the way they sound is a Yamaha HM-8 with an external sound card from the Focusrite Scarlet 4e4. I also have a legendary studio condenser microphone from the Australian company RODE HT1 in my studio. Also in the production of music I use a midi keyboard from Arturia Minilab 3 and headphones from Pioneerdj "HDJ X-10"

From DJ equipment, two legendary turntables "Technics SL-1210 mk2" and a mixer "Pioneer DJM-850".
Onto DJing. Where can we see you perform over the coming months?
— Now I'm concentrating on studio work and I want to complete my projects. I think from the nearest it will be another stream. And looking ahead about the upcoming concerts, we are currently considering several concert venues in Europe.
— What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
I like to enjoy the process itself and what I put into myself as an artist. This gives me the opportunity to convey my thoughts, feelings, energy through my audience through my Music. When you do all this, you experience great pleasure from contact and go into a state of euphoria when you are on stage. I think every artist experiences something similar.
What do you struggle with the most?
— These are many aspects, it seems to me, as for any other person, it is mainly some kind of human or household factor that periodically overtakes and covers you. I try to overcome it and avoid it in every possible way. Also, do not be and surround with unnecessary people who take up your time. I'm still trying to be as focused as possible on what I'm doing, and I'm not one of those who "lying on the couch and drinking beer", it karobits and depresses me and you start to degrade. I like to develop in those areas that are interesting and useful to me in the first place.
— What's your favorite track to play at the moment and is there any track that you never got to play?
— Unexpectedly for me at the moment it was nice to hear the Techno track from the new album "Salvatore Ganacci - New Generation" with powerful vocals in Portuguese. Sounds very cool, on repeat in my playlist :)

I haven't played techno at 160 bpm yet, I think it would be interesting to try it.))

As for a particular track that I didn't get to play, I think that's the track that I wouldn't like. I am very picky about music.
— Thank you for chatting with us today Andy! To round things off, Is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you'd like to share with us?
— It was a pleasure to chat with you and answer your questions.

Every week I have my author's Techno-podcast "Mix Machine" which can be heard live on the radio station "DI.FM" and on my Soundcloud page. So I invite you to join!

I am also currently working on my new tracks, which will be released next year. The announcement of which will be a little later. Follow my social networks.