Andy Bach: My love for music and club music pushes me again and again.

Recently Radio Intense have had a talk with a German artist - Andy Bach.

Andy Bach is a professional DJ and producer based in Germany. His sound has a distinctively diverse feel, exploring many undercurrents of electronic dance music, including disco, nu-disco, house or deep house, only to mention but a few. Andy has been active on the music scene ever since the mid 90s, when he took up DJing and set out to perform throughout Europe, treating international audiences to his explosive live sets and vibrant selections. To this day, Andy has achieved global acclaimed and positive receptions from industry insiders and music fans alike, releasing tracks on many different labels.

We talked to Andy Bach about the beginning of his career, music influence and his fresh release "Make You Happy" on HOLY. Check it our right now below!
Hello Andy! How are you doing? Thanks for being here with us today.
— Hi, nice to meet you and thanks for your invitation.
So, what first got you into music and especially electronic music scene? How would you describe "Andy Bach" from the artistic point of view?
— I have loved music since I was a child, I learned to play the piano and accordion. To this day I like different styles of music and also listen to jazz or classical music sometimes. In the 80s I liked independent music and new wave a lot until I came across acid house at the end of the 80s. since then electronic club music has held me under its spell.

As I mentioned, big influence was acid house and trance music a bit later. Then I was a big fan of techno and house music from the 90s until today. I really liked the 'omen' (famous techno club) nights in Frankfurt in the mid 90s. Especially the sound of DJ DAG and Sven Väth. Later e.g. the Sound of Vienna by Kruder & Dorfmeister influenced me a lot too beside house music. I loved and love Labels like XL Recordings, Wall of Sound, Strictly Rhythm or French house labels etc... the French house sound also influenced me a lot until today. Today I see myself as label owner and producer mainly. Djing is still lot of fun. But I don't have a residency anymore. In earlier times I played 2-3 times a week in clubs or lounges. I have different projects for different music styles, e.g. Freshair for melodic techno, Andy Bach for deep house and nu disco or Saus & Braus for (vocal) house just to name a few.
What do you enjoy most about being an artist?
— I really like to be able to express my creativity in music. That gives me a feeling of freedom. My love for music and club music pushes me again and again.
Your fresh release "Make You Happy" is coming directly on the 1st of January 2021 on HOLY. Such a good way to start New Year! Please, share more info about this release. What is special about this track?
— The french house influenced song 'Make You Happy' has been inspired by Diana Ross and the Supremes ‚I'll Try Something New' song and is reworked with a nu disco groove that builds and builds. Following that, elevating it even further into stratospheric, party territory and turning it into a deep but powerful groove with stabbing synths, classic disco strings and dreamy vocals by Mina. Lyrics, producing and songwriting is by Andy Bach himself. The vocals were professionally recorded by Mina in the studio as a paid order. Therefore there is no featuring. Idea was to create a feel good track in these hard (corona) times.
— What's an average day in the studio like for you?
— Well it is a matter of finding a balance between family, work and music production - there is a lot to do every day.
What are your New Year's Resolutions?
— I usually have no resolutions, because everything always turns out differently than you wish and think.
Where would you like to find yourself in ten years?
— The most important things in life are joy, health and family. I have all that right now. Therefore everything can stay as it is now for me.