Andruss: "Mueve" was born from the great support we have received

Today we welcome our next guest to Radio Intense following his recent outing on the renowned Hot Creations. Mexico's up-and-coming tech house talent Andruss made a collaborative debut with Italy's Umberto Pagliaroli, together delivering 'Mueve' on Jamie Jones' long-running and internationally renowned label. Huge drums and fresh percussive sounds dominate the release. To mark the release of 'Mueve' we invited Andruss for a chat, enjoy!
— Hi Andruss, welcome to Radio Intense! It's great to have you with us. How are you doing and whereabouts are you based currently?
Hey everyone, thanks for reaching out to me, right now I'm located in México city preparing new stuff for photoshooting, parties and next releases.
— What have you been up to recently? What does a normal day look like for you at the moment?
Right now I'm preparing some new ideas that don't take much time to work with. I spend a lot of time cooking for my girl who lives with me and also taking care of my three pets that we have at the house. Two of them are puppies right now so they need our attention!
This month marks the release of your debut on Hot Creations alongside Umberto Pagliaroli. Congratulations on securing this release! What's the story behind 'Mueve'?
— "Mueve" was born from the great support we have received from our latest tracks. It is something that we have not or have never dared to do. The fusion of Latin vocals of the singer El Apache Ness fits perfectly with the idea I had with Umberto Pagliaroli. Both the voices and the classic percussive finishes of salsa music give a twist to this new production that we have great faith in reaching the top stores.
— It also marks the first and an exciting collaboration between yourself and Umberto Pagliaroli, the Italian artist known for his powerful releases on the likes of Flashmob Records and Voltaire Music. How did this collaboration first arise and what was it like working with Umberto?
It was quick, he reached out about 3 weeks before it was signed. He sent me a link on soundcloud private DMs. The past month I'd been supported by many top dj's for my edit to Bad Bunny "El Apagon" and so many many DJs were sending me their productions for collabs, but I took the time to listen the playlist from Umberto… He sent me like 2-3 tracks but the tune that, at time was called "Boom Boom", definitely caught my attention.
— Your own releases span over a decade now, we would love to hear the story of how you first began on your path as an artist. What was it that inspired you to follow music?
I started doing music at 14, so I've learned many genres in the game. I like to enjoy what happens at the back of the decks. Definitely my favorite artists at that time were Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Armin Van Buren.
Can you tell us about your creative process? How do you usually approach making music?
Initially everything started with an idea of 2-3 min with the basic sounds. Like drums, bassline and vocals. After that I took the time to check if it works for me and put all my new things on it. Changing the bassline. Drums, adding some new flavor top loops, creating new vocals or sampling some stuff to make it interesting. Called my friend El Apache Ness to use his vocals on it. Also creating all the percussion fill out sections from scratch cuz i dont have those percs in the studio, I make a midi file to make that in the Native Instruments Cuba. I love those percs in solo.
— Which artists have had the biggest influence on you as an artist?
— Right now The Martinez Brothers, Jamie Jones, Marco Carola, Classmatic are my favorite ones at the game.
— Thank you Andruss, it was great to chat with you and we look forward to hearing what's next for you. To finish off, is there anything else that you would like to share with us and where's the best place to keep up to date with you?
Thank you for having me, let's keep in touch and yeah I'm glad to say that I'm going to release another banger into the STMPD's label from Martin Garrix in 2023 called "Mamaera" and yes it's gonna be a collaboration with Fatboi. Can't say any more!