Andrewboy: I think my heart and soul write the melodies

We are very happy to present to you our next guest - Andrewboy!

Andrewboy started to Dj at the age of 14. He is a fundamental member of the hungarian club scene, he has got many club hits and also he had a few well received producer album as well. He's resident dj of 3 elite clubs in Budapest such as Pacha, Home and Coronita, he has got 5 official mix albums,they were nominated for all the music awards. His tracks appear on many club mixes as well.

We talked to the talent about his experience in the industry and upcoming release "Heart Beat" on Area Verde. Enjoy!
Hello Andrewboy! How are you doing? It is nice to talk to you today!
— Nice to meet you. I am very grateful for this interview. Thank you for having and thinking of me.
Let's travel in time. How did you become involved into electronic music world?
— I've been a music lover since I learned how to walk. My parents told me that they used to put me to sleep to music. Somehow music always calmed me down. I started collecting music when I was 12. I had a friend in primary school whose father who was a disc jockey in Italy. That is how I managed to get Italo Disco music that in Hungary only the famous disc jockeys of the time played in discos. Italo Disco evolved from underground dance, pop and electronic music (American hi-NRG, French Euro Disco) and developed into a diverse genre. The genre included electronic drums, drum machines and synthesizers. We got this music on cassettes, so the disc jockeys used cassette recorders to present the latest releases at smaller parties and discos, such as Falco, Madonna, C. C Catch, etc. At that time there was no Internet.

People could only listen to new music at these parties or, if they had a satellite TV, on the music channel. If I remember correctly there was only one of those that time. New pieces of music and new songs were worth a lot. Sometimes we played a hit for years. Oh, my God. How different those times were. When I was 14, I played to 600 people in local discos.

And from there, things just got accelerated. The Break Dance craze reached Hungary too, which of course I learned, and more than once I ran out onto the dance floor and gave a dance show while playing. With a few friends we formed a Break Dance Team. We were a huge success. We performed in many venues. In several cases to the music of Jean-Michael Jarre and Kraftwerk. This music was very close to my heart. Maybe that was the very moment when I first encountered real electronic music.

Then a couple of years went by and Acid House, or Rave wave arrived and changed the world of music and the concept of entertainment. Just to mention a few names. The Prodigy, Josh Wink, Marusha, Westbam. What memories! I've closed them in my heart forever. I am glad and grateful to have been part of that era.
Is your main genre progressive house? Or do you produce in other genres too?
— I write music in two different musical styles. And I'll explain why in a moment. Around 1995 I was playing only electronic music. Because I was a resident disc jockey in many places and sometimes I was playing music for eight hours uninterruptedly. At the beginning of the party, I started with Progressive House and slowly moved over into Techno. Since then, these two styles of music have been closer to my heart.

I have made Progressive House and Techno author albums, while the latter has been awarded a Golden Record and a Fonogram award, which is the most prestigious music award in our country, considered as the Hungarian Grammy award, and I have collected two gold records in these music categories. However, it's not at all easy for me because it's very difficult to be successful with two names in two different styles. But for me, nothing has ever been impossible. What I set out to do I have always done. It goes without saying that I strive to develop my career from the moment I wake up in the morning until I go to bed. In my country I have received all the possible music and DJ awards, accolades and prizes that a DJ or a producer can receive. These achievements have confirmed to me that if we persevere, improve and pay the price for success, we can achieve anything in life. It's really up to us. I owe these results to that way of thinking. Since 2010, I have been consistently nominated for our country's most prestigious DJ of the Year Award, and I have even won the award for Best Underground DJ. I've entered and won several prestigious DJ competitions, and I've even been voted to be the best DJ out of 6000 entries. For me the biggest achievement though was the DMC Word DJ Championship national championship where I finished in second place.

In my country, I have won every possible music and DJ award that a DJ or a producer can get. Now I have only one goal and that is to have a more successful international career. As the competition is very strong here, I must perform above average, which means a lot of learning and self-improvement. Sound design, language learning, marketing, graphic design, you name it. And as I write Progressive House music as Andrewboy and TECNHO as HM (I don't want to tell you the full name), lest this makes it difficult for me later. Some people in the world think that a DJ can only be good at one style when it comes to writing music. That is why I work under two names. No question: it's a lot harder for me. That's why I can work 14 hours a day several times a week when it comes to my dreams and goals. In my country, I have been one of the most successful disc jockeys for several decades, performing nearly 200 shows a year, for which I am very grateful.
You are based in Hungary. Did Hungarian culture have in influence on your artistic development? And how is the scene over there doing right now?
— This is probably the hardest question to answer briefly. But I will try. While in Budapest almost any kind of electronic music can achieve success and sell-out parties, in the countryside it's much more difficult. As soon as I leave Budapest and go to a smaller city in my home country, Hungary, many places, unfortunately, lag very much behind regarding music. It's a very difficult situation for us, disc jockeys. In many cases we get sweaty during a DJ set, but we are disc jockeys, and our job is to entertain the audience, we have to deal with this situation as well.

Of course, there are a few clubs in the countryside where I can also give my full musical potential, but these parties are either organised by us or by some of the music brands I work with. But maybe what I'm about to write will give you the full picture. Huge local brands that I look up to for their work bring world stars to Budapest, like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire Marco Carola, Nic Fanciulli, Erick Morillo, Loco Dice, Julien Jeweil, Solomun, and I could go on for minutes with names only in Budapest and Lake Balaton; and one or two bigger cities can organise successful parties as well. With such a background and a successful past, it would be evident and right that these brands would be present in every city. It would be a much better direction for the music culture in Hungary. That is why I have now started to work on my international career. I would like to play more abroad, where I can maximise my musical potential.

I go regularly to Costa Rica, London and some other super places, and I really enjoy these parties. The audiences are very grateful and it's a fantastic feeling to be welcomed with such love by the people there. I really crave those feelings. Don't get me wrong! I live in a super place, I love to play music, but as I wrote and as you may have read, to live up to the profession and the audience is not always an easy task.
Your next release "Heart Beat" will be out on the 12th of November via Area Verde. Congratulations! How can you describe the release?
— First of all, thank you for releasing my music. It can be fairly successful with you. All music comes from deep inside, I think my heart and soul write the melodies. Maybe that's where the title of this work comes from. „HEART BEAT" A good tune can affect your mood, bring back memories and have so many beneficial effects. It relaxes you, makes you happy. That is the reason why I listen to similar music while running. It's very relaxing. I think, it was a good idea for me to go to a piano teacher a few years ago, so that I can interpret the feelings I'm feeling even more skilfully. Heart Beat is also melodic music with a positive charge. I can hardly wait that you release it, and the public can finally listen to it. Special thanks to High On Mars for the super remix, which, of course, will be included on this EP.
This is not your first collaboration with Area Verde. What do you like about the label?
— You guys are very important to me because you were the first ones to release my first EP since my musical revival. You have been a bucket list label for me and you have released a lot of my music now. So, I appreciate it, I really do.
Finally, are there any upcoming projects of yours you'd like to mention? Thank you for chatting with us!
— I'm working on a lot of projects. I've got remix requests from several top labels, as well as big name producers. I could go on and on, but you can follow these projects on my Andrewboymuzik/Instagram page. I almost always show some new music with almost every story.

By the way! Guess what:
As you probably could get it from the interview is that I'm consciously building a career. In addition, spirituality is also present in my life. I have a notebook on my desk where I write down my goals every week. And I work hard to achieve them. It's a fantastic feeling that in a year and a half I've been able to work with the Beatport Top 10 publishers that are important to me, the ones I've written down in this notebook. But perhaps one of the most amazing stories is that a few weeks ago I received an email from a label that was on the same list. They asked me for a remix. But, what's really weird is that I was asked to remix the work of a producer who was on this list too as a special name, that I had a dream of a future collaboration with. So I got two wishes fulfilled at once. I only mention this because I'm sure there will be others who have just started to build their careers. That is why we want to give them strength through my example and reinforce the fact that if we imagine, take the right steps, stick to our goals, learn, grow and don't give up no matter what, the Universe will support us to achieve our dreams! Just do it!

Thank you for the interview!