Andres Campo: no rules, no hashtags, just music

Today we are pleased to welcome our next guest, Andres Campo!

Just a handful of artists can pride themselves of experimenting such a quick and spectacular ascent as the one Andres Campo has lived in the past few years. Being one of the most beloved DJs and producers in the Spanish scene, Andres has placed himself – by own right – amongst the most in-demand electronic musicians, both nationally and internationally thanks to his modesty, determination, effort and artistic quality.

We talked to the phenomenon about his career and new remix of Better Lost Than Stupid - Inside. Find out more info below!
Hey Andres, how has 2022 started for you?
— Hello, well, 2022 looks promising, doesn't it? I hope that I am not wrong when I say this, but overall things seem to be getting back to normal in terms of partying without fear.
Are you still based in Barcelona, Spain? How are the clubs there now, are we hoping to see lots of events happening there again this summer?
— Yes, still in Barcelona. I love this city. Everything is now starting to open again, and the government are removing restrictions that were in place for clubs, festivals and venues. Looks like the summer will be full steam ahead and Sonar is back in June too.
Are there are events you can tell us you are most excited to play this year in your gig calendar?
— Yes, I have a few but most excited about Monegros Festival on the 30thJuly. I have been waiting years to get back to the desert to play this special festival here in Spain, and it's no doubt my favourite festival on earth.
We have heard about the new EI8HT+ label that you and Eats Everything are starting this year, why create another label project?
— Dan and I are quite restless and like to explore a lot creatively, which ends up with us having many tracks which don't always fit another label, or the sound of EI8HT. That doesn't mean we don't want to release it, so we decided to create EI8HT+ as a sub label outlet for everything in-between. It gives us a lot more freedom as producers.
Why is this different to any other label out there?
— I think it's different we aren't making music for this with no sound or style in mind. These tracks are totally driven by passion and fun. No rules, no hashtags just music which comes from our crazy minds!
What kind of sound and artists can we expect to see on EI8HT+?
— For now, it's just going to be myself and Dan. We decided to create this just to be able to release our music or projects that can answer this question: "Oh, I made this, and love it. I want to release it, but where?" – EI8HT+

We are fortunate that we have our own platform to be able to do this.
The track you have remixed 'Inside' by Better Lost Than Stupid – why this track? Does this have a special impact on you?
— I have a lot of respect for Davide, Martin and Matthias, so when I got the chance to remix it, of course I tried! I love to make music out of my comfort zone, it's good for the brain and for the soul.
Do you find remixes fun or more of a challenge?
— I love to make remixes, and of course I love challenges, it's when I try to do my best, they test me for sure, and in this case when it's remixing such big artists it becomes a lot more challenging!
Finally, can you tell us what you consider to be one of the best remixes of the last 5 years and why?
— Just one?? That's hard (laughs)

Rosa Anschütz – 'Rigid' (Kobosil 44 Rush Mix)
This is simply amazing, perfect mix between intensity and melancholia

And also being honest: Virtual Self – 'Ghost Voices' (Raito Remix)
Because I'm still playing this nowadays, its simple yes, but fully functional, intense on dance floor and emotive, I love it..