Andrea Signore: I am still producing with my heart for the people

Today Radio Intense is welcoming another remarkable artist of our scene - Andrea Signore. His latest release "All Day and a Night" on Codex is on Beatport TOP 10 Techno Tracks. And In 2020, Andrea reached the TOP 45 of the best international producers ranking according Beatport and Beatstats. We couldn't miss the chance to talk to the mastermind about his journey in the industry, so we hope you enjoy it too!
Hello Stephane! How are you today?
— Hello, I am feeling really good.

I am really happy to see that my track "All day and a night" reached the Main Beatport charts as #20 in only three days.
I got also a "Big" banner on the Beatport front page who is a premiere since my come back 2 years ago.
Tell us more about your early ages. How did you start DJing and producing music?
— Around 1995, I was invited by a friend who has a lot of gear in his house.

I falled in love with the technics turntables and most of all the vinyl.
I had to save money during two years before being able to buy my own one,…. It was around 1200 euros only for the turntables (Without the mixer) and as a law student, it was really much for me. So my Dj career really began seriously in 1999 when I was skilled enough to play in front of a crowd.

Playing with Turntables had nothing to do with playing with the actual gear, it was way more difficult and also you have to travel in the whole country to find the best vinyl for your set.

I really miss that time.

I started producing music in 2003, during the 4 previous years, I had the chance to play a lot in my country and in France. We had a lot of clubs and parties at that time but I quickly understood that you wouldn't going further without producing.

So I began to work with Midi Gear in a small apartment and I worked during all of my free time to be able to present a correct demo in the end of 2004 with the help of Olivier Giacomotto.

Working in midi was really difficult, there was no tutorial on the web and you had to experiment a lot before it sounds like it has to be.

In 2005, I had my first worldwide success with the track "Sacrifice and Dedication" released on one of the biggest at that time called "Rotation" hosted by Dave Angel who is for me a legend of the techno scene.
— What is a story behind your artist name "Andrea Signore?"
— I got an awesome success as producer between 2005 and 2012 under my true name, Stephane Signore.

I had the chance to sign on a lot of big labels at that time and I had the pleasure to have a long collaboration with Wehbba for example,….

Unfortunately, the music slowed down in 2012 and I was tired to combine touring, family life and my work. So I stopped basically till 06/2018 to give another chance to my other passion, the sport and especially the Kickboxing.

When I decide to try a comeback, I was afraid that people would find my older stuff who are radically different and most of all, made with the gear of that time.
So I took an hard decision and I started with a white page.
Your tracks are frequently charted on Beatport which is a big support for the artist. How do you feel about it?
— I am really happy about it and I would like to thank all of the people who support my tracks, it was quite unexcepted to reach the 26thposition of the techno producers ranking of Beatport (According Beatstats) after 27 months and a new nickname.

So let's see how it evolve in the future. The corona virus is about to broke a big part of our industry but I am still producing with my heart for the people.

The people deserved good music mostly during such difficult times.
You have a new release "All Day and a Night" on Codex. What was your inspiration for the tracks?
— I do always the same thing, I put a random kick in a eight bar loop and I try to find a nice melody.
When I find the melody, then I get the key of the track and I begin to create the others elements around.

To be honest, I never know if the track is good when it's released cause I am most of the time exhausted by having an unlimited amount of listen.

Since one year, I am working with a sound engineer called ADSD+ and it help me a lot as I don't have to take care of my mixing and mastering so I can focus of what I do the best, create.
Which track do you like more: "All day and a Night" or "Road of Perdition"? Why?
— I think they are both different – All day and a night is more a track for the Dancefloor with a really catchy melody.

Road of Perdition is more underground and made for the after hours.

To be honest, I can't choose anyone as favorite as they are really different.
What else do you have planned for 2020?
— For the moment, I have the same problem than everyone and I focus on my studio work.
I have some nice tunes coming on IamT red and on Kraftek on the early November.

I have a track for a VA for the new label of my Belgian friends "Bolster" – The label is called "GRAVITY" and I am happy to be part of the adventure.

A follow up on CODEX and a full release on LEGEND Audio are already confirmed for begin of 2021.

About gigs, only god knows how the things will evolve.

I also prepare a new kind of DJ set with my old Technics, I still think that there is place for the scratch and the pass even with the actual techno.