Amir Telem: I love music and I love people

We are happy to welcome another guest to Radio Intense - Amir Telem!

Amir Telem is one of Israel's most promising talents thanks to his impressive & forward-thinking production abilities, which don't stick to just one genre.

We talked to the talent about his upcoming releases on Pillar and on Area Verde. Enjoy!
— Hello Amir! How are you? Thank you for catching up with us!
— Hey and thank you very much for doing this interview with me. I'm good since I'm nurturing my hope and trust in the divine, but at the same time I'm concerned for the world and the innocent part of humanity, people who try to live their life peacefully and lovingly, but have difficulties to do so due to low forces. My prayer is for peace and for the reestablishment of yoga, hence strong connection of each individual and the society to the ultimate truth, a step that could lead to a better world, where contentment and love will be dominant, instead of greediness and jealousy.
— Please, tell us more about your path in music industry. When did you start and why?
— My path began when I came to this world. I remember myself as a child connecting to music in an emotional way. As a teenager I used to go out and dance often, went to concerts and so on. The DJing dream bloomed later in my life, at the age of 30 when I lived in NYC. There I met people from all over the globe and electronic music has been the main connection between us all. When I began DJing, I received support from my friends, the universe, and myself - my soul. I played in Burning-Man, Tulum, festivals around NY. Sometimes I could not believe that I'm suddenly DJing at those places. After about 5 years of DJing, I began to produce - a path of many challenges. Now, and for the last 3 years, since I moved back to Israel, I'm focusing on music production and in the establishment of my product. Why ? because I love music and I love people. So, making and playing music is allowing me to combine those loves. In a deeper layer, the challenges of an artist, encourage me to meditate more and pray more, not to be number 1 anymore, but to do this challenging task from a place of relaxation (Shanti) and gradually to be an instrument of God for love in this world.
— What kind of things are aspiring you at the moment?
— As mentioned above, my main aspiration in this work of an artist is to transform my desires from jealousy, fear and greed into trust, peace and love. The process of music production and DJing is the real-life treatment for me. As I'm trying to surrender myself to the process, I'm gradually paying more and more attention to the external forces to influence me, forces such as name, fame and success. Music is very important to me, as it is a form of prayer and meditation (and seems to always been), if I'm becoming restless and in anxiety due to my unfulfilled desires, I'm praying to go deeper to the fact that music is not mine or his, but belongs to the creator of this world, as other elements like water, earth, the sun and the moon. To summarize, my main aspiration is spiritual self-development and simultaneously, to help others heal through the 'touch' of my music and in person.
Congratulations on your two upcoming releases: "Justice" on Area Verde and "Dark Lake" on Pillar! Please describe your release on Area Verde first.
— Ok, so Justice EP is a powerful, darker, dance-floor driven EP, which consists of two originals. If you got to know me as a music-producer, I'm very versatile with it, and I'm releasing music in genres from Organic House and downtempo, through Progressive-House to even Peak Time Techno, in a separate project named 'Amir Telem BLK'. So, this EP in Area-Verde is an outcome of my darker side, hence the 'no bullshit' side, where I'm trying to wake up to the fact that this world is wounded. It needs help. Something is not correct, and it is because I forgot about the importance of love and service. The world today is motivated by fame, by jealousy and by aggressiveness, because of lack of a right treatment and the lack of love. 'Justice' EP, with both of its tracks - Justice and Late-Night, are aimed to allow a meditation on the dance floor that might lead to a contemplation that a self-work has to be done and the life of enjoyment only is damaging the soul and the world.
— And how about "Dark Lake"? What is the story behind this release?
— In this EP, I have joined forces with an upcoming talent from Israel - Heizen (ISR). Similarly, the tracks in this EP are aimed to make a positive change in people's hearts. This EP is enriched with a female's vocals. So, from one hand it is dark, but from the other side it is hopeful and prayerful. The first track - 'Dark Lake' is named to a daunting lake at night. A place that could be scary, but if one can handle this and stay, it may become a place of deep meditation and when the sun-rises, a place of beauty. The 2nd Track 'You Left Me' is named based on its vocals. This track is very unique and powerful. We invited Paul Angelo & Don Argento to remix Dark Lake and they took it even another step into the dark realm of a foggy but powerful melodic techno remix.
— Which artists or sounds have had the biggest impact on you?
— Stephan Bodzin
Maceo Plex
— A pleasure to chat with you today Amir! To round off, is there anything else upcoming from yourself that you would like to share with us?
— Yes! I have a lot of new music coming up regularly, in labels such as: Click Recordings, Dear-Deer, UV Noir and a full 13 tracks album on 3000Grad, and more… I'm working in the studio non-stop. I'm excited to share this music with you. Hopefully, soon, I'll start to tour the world and meet many in person. In the meanwhile, wishing to myself and to you to be a source of light and hope. Much love!