Alter (UA): music is my passion and peace

We are happy to welcome our dear friend, Alter (UA), to our today's interview!

ALTER - Ukrainian artist and producer of electronic music. Music is his passion and guiding star. In his mixes he combines a dynamic groove and beautiful harmonies. Also acts as a Live project, supporting the DJ set with percussion and other instruments. Everyone will be able to find something new for themselves in his music.

We talked to the talent about his path in the industry and new release "Cycles of Life" coming this Friday on Area Verde. Enjoy!
— Hello Alter! How are you doing today?
— Hello Radio Intense, it is a great pleasure talking to you! Everything is great here, happy to start a new year with new release. I believe it will be maximum creative and productive year for all musicians, artists, producers, labels and all music people.
— How did you become involved into the music scene?
— I have been in music production for more than 10 years. Music was, is and I hope will always be by my side. My first musical revelations began at the age of 6, lying on home mattresses on the roof of Khrushchevka building in Kirovograd city Ukraine, with the psychedelic sounds of Pink Floyd, from the speakers of a brand new two-cassette Sony in 90-th, in the excellent company of my father and brother. Cold kvass and Shining You Crazy Diamond - then it was established, such an intangible and at the same time comprehensive, inseparable to this day, connection with the wonderful world of music. May it always be so!
How can you describe you new release "Cycles of Life" coming on Area Verde?
— For me personally, this album has become a landmark. In it, for the first time, I realized my skills of playing musical instruments to the maximum, which were recorded in the studio, especially for this album. Studio recording is always magic and my passion, live performance instills a special spirit into the tracks. Different instruments were used in this album. The sounds of a didgeridoo - an ethnic low-frequency overtone instrument, an African djembe drum - my favorite rhythmic guide, an electric guitar - always live riffs, catchy chords and mysterious picks, additional percussion - a rain stick, jew's harps, my dan and so on. My woman always remains the constant inspiration, she feels me like no one else, and I her. Bless your women - they are the purest creative energy. Many thanks to my beloved label Area Verde and the entire native dream team IAMT Music Group for the strong support of this release, love you guys. Special thanks to the most talented producers – Indifferent Guy, Andrewboy, High On Mars, for encouraging this release with their remixes, in different styles. I'm sure we'll see everyone in the charts.
— What do you wait from 2022?
— 2022 promises to be the most transformative year ever. I wish myself, our team and everyone to go beyond their limits and create the music of life in unconditional love. Personally, I am waiting for new releases-revelations from myself.
Can you describe your studio equipment?
— In addition to standard studio equipment, I always have a wonderful electronic piano at hand – Kurzweil, 88 hammer action keys, with a large bank of sound. Beautiful sounds instrument, which I use in almost every album - this is an instrument for the soul. For some time now I have had an electric guitar in my arsenal, there is a separate magical story of how it came to me thanks to my woman and Instagram) Also, I always have a lot of percussions on hand - a few djembes, didgeridoo, tambourines, bongos, shakers, jew's harps, a Tibetan bowl, kalimba, rain stick, etc. Arsenal for a real electronic shaman)
— Do you have your favorite plugin?
— My DAW is now always Ableton. In my arsenal of plugins, most often you can find the Serum synthesizer, Diva and Arthurian synths. Filters, reverbs, delays, choruses, saturators, compressors of all kinds... Thanks to modern computers, sound production for me now has no limits - a real flight of fantasy. Projects reach 80-100 tracks, of which all the send-return channels available in Ableton are used) Over time, having tried tons of different software, I still have my little favorite set of plugins that I use in production every time. My favorite plugins are Decapitator by Sound Toys and Chandler Limited Curve Bender Mastreing EQ by Softube or any coloring Equalizer, first warm up the sound and then add colors and drive. Music is my passion and peace. I wish everyone to follow their dreams. All the best, hugged everyone.
Anything else you would like to add?
— Music is my passion and peace. I wish everyone to follow their dreams. All the best, hugged everyone.