Alixander Raczkowski: British born proud Yorkshire man

One more talented artist has made an appearance on RIM and we could not miss a chance to talk about his new release "Fresh Hit". Meet Alixander Raczkowski - gifted DJ and Producer from England. Through his foray into electronic music Alixander has captured a strong style and sound of his own paired with an ear for a catchy groove.
Hey Alexander. How are you today?
— Fine thank you, been producing for most of the day in my studio in the basement of my house.
Give us please a short introduction to yourself and your artistic profile
— My name is Alexander Raczkowski, I am a British Born Proud Yorkshire man from the North of England, but have now made East London my home, after many years in the madness of Shoreditch I have now moved to a bit of a quieter/homelier area of Haggerston. As an Artist I mix between a few Genres, which I know can be seen as too unfocused, but there are so many different Musical styles and influences that I have grown up around and enjoy, so I feel like I should and can flit between genres and styles.
How did you start producing tech house? Can you tell us three highlights of your career?
— I stared Dj'ing when I was 18, always loved music, played a lot of instruments, but didn't know what I wanted to do after I finished school, ended up being introduced quite late on to Electronic music by a friend, then after attending Point Blank School in London, found more and more Genres and Sub Genres, which then led to me finding out what I liked and what might inspire me as an Artist.

I began on Reason, then moved onto Logic, which is still my DAW of choice.

Erm three Highlights,
Would have to say,

  1. My first ever release, not my best work but was found on Soundcloud by a label who got in contact with me shortly after I had uploaded it, was an amazing feeling and a justification that I could do what I was starting to do if that makes sense.
  2. Being contacted by Amine Edge and Dance to send over some music after they had heard one of my tracks, which used for one of their opening mixes on Mixcloud I believe.
  3. With the new release on RIM, its started to chart on the Top 100 Tech House Beatport chart and top 20 on the HYPE Tech House chart, which is a first for me and a very proud moment.
— As you live in London, did you notice any differences in music industry there before Covid-19 and during the pandemic? If so, what were those?
— What I can see from my friends in the industry here, is the fear that we will loose some of our best venues, the likes of Village Underground, Earth and smaller ones like Shelter. It has massively effected everyone, we just hope that we can come through it closer and stronger.
We are very happy about your EP "Fresh Hit" on RIM. Tell us please the story behind "Fresh Hit".
— As am I, Ive had the EP finished for about a year, but didn't know where to send it to, wasn't quite sure! When I had to go back into get the Premasterers it took me a while, it was on my old laptop and I am terrible for "Computer Housekeeping" everything has a random name and so many projects can have the same date, but different genre, but managed to find them. Eventually discovered RIM and am very happy with how everything has been.
What was the production process looked like when making "Fresh Hit"?
— It originally started as quite a different track, quite a bit more Tribal Tech House, then ended up stripping back a lot of the elements and found a better balance to it. I always tend to start with the Drums, then Bass, If I can find a vocal that works adding that one, then its about the details.
What are your plans for the rest of the year?
— Few more releases lined up, more Minimal Release I believe is next up on ReShape Black. Then who knows, I have some more tracks ready to send off, maybe another release on RIM, who knows!