Alex Lentini, STOMP BOXX: working as a collaboration brings different goals, sounds and energy to the tracks

Radio Intense is happy to present to you our next guests - Alex Lentini and STOMP BOXX!

We were happy to chat with the Italian talents about their music experience and new release "Tropospheric" coming in the beginning of February on Hypnostate.

Find out more below!
Hey Guys, thanks for talking to us. So, your collaboration – do you call yourselves a duo? As you have two different artist names, but also release as solo artists correct?
— We never officially were introduced as a duo, but I guess the fact that we have now worked together for over 3 years making movie, effectively makes us a duo. I guess it's not an official name, and we still have our own identities when it comes to making music. Actually, the project has resulted in us producing some of the best music of our careers so far, but also a real friendship was born.
Do you prefer to work in collaboration with one another now on all releases?
— We enjoy both in all honesty. Working as a collaboration brings different goals, sounds and energy to the tracks, so if it works, (which so far it has!) we'll continue doing more releases together. Of course, we still have our own project alongside as its important to still develop as an individual.
Your sound – tell us about this, what new listeners can expect and what track you have done together you are most proud of and why?
— We worked on mixing our knowledges about analog synths with ambient recordings and experiment with various types of synthesis. Add to that our different music taste going through hard and raw sounds to more melodic and hypnotic ones, our tracks are basically made of an energic techno base mixed with drone sounds and rough bass. For us, this next single 'Trospospheric' release on Timmo's label is maybe the one we are most proud of so far.
Yes, 'Trospospheric' is a big room techno sound, what's behind the name of the track and the vocals?
— We're very excited to release with Timmo! We liked the idea to get closer to the universe, so we went for that name. 'Tropospheric' means the lowest region of the atmosphere between the Earth's surface and the tropopause. We recorded the vocals during a selection of random conversations over the last year. We really enjoy recording sounds from all sources.
Italy has a lot of talented producers, who are those that you most admire from your home?
— Our beloved Italy has birthed many huge artists, with no doubt we feel we have to say Enrico Sangiuliano as an important inspiration for the both of us, we admire his artwork for being completely innovative and unique giving the techno scene a new star. He really understands sound design and what it takes to make tracks and sets elevate people into a journey on the dancefloor.
What is one positive that you've taken from the last 2 years during the pandemic?
— First of all, when the pandemic started, we had the chance to get to know each other better, stepping back from our daily jobs and taking time to stay in the studio night and day, without any pressure because the world somehow stopped for a few weeks. Even though it's been a rough year for a lot of reasons, we still had 3 releases on Drumcode, for a total of 10 tracks, and we will always be grateful and amazed for this as it kept the music alive during this dark period.
Can you recommend us a book and movie you've recently discovered?
— Even though it was not recently discovered I suggest "the computer music tutorial" by Curtis Road which gives a general perspective of all aspect of computer music.

We do suggest "Whiplash" by Damien Chazelle, for its amazing soundtrack of course and also because the plot reminds us a little bit of our experience of sacrifices in order to achieve the music results we really want. Not the car accident scene though!
Tell us what else you have planned for 2022? Are there some nice shows on the horizon?
— In 2022 we'll be working on new projects together; we also have a few shows to be confirmed due to the pandemic so let's hope for a better 2022. We feel it's already a much more positive start for many.