Alevtina: never doubt your musical preferences

This Friday we are welcoming magnificent Alevtina. Alevtina started developing her role as a music producer in 2016, refines her sound into a unique combination of old school and acid house, breaks and techno. Alevtina stays dedicated to her musical taste and this has strengthened her ability to stand out from the crowd. Read below about the beginning of her career, new release "The Difference" on RIM and her future work.
Hello Alina. How are you doing?
— Hello guys, I am pretty well these days, thanks .
We know you pretty well as you're a frequent guest on our channel. However, let's discuss more for the audience. Tell us more about yourself. What drew you to the music industry?
— Music has accompanied me all my life. I was an active listener of different musical genres. From the age of 8 I have been engaged in folk dancing for about 10 years, and even went to school glee club. I did not stop as when the first computer appeared, I came across a video from the Sensation white festival where Tiesto was playing and was delighted with how the audience reacted to club music and told my mother that I want to be in his place. I am from a small town Chervonograd, but then moved to Kyiv to study, I am an engineer, by the way.

And after visiting Kyiv clubs I wanted to learn how to play. And I did not notice how the hobby turned into a favorite thing, my life's work.
How would you describe your own development as a tech house artist ?
— It's hard for me to talk about my own development. I can only say that over the past 2 years I have had more than 10 releases and in the near future 4 more releases are expected, one of them is on RIM label, A & R manager of which I am.
How are things in Kyiv regarding the nightlife right now? Which events can you pick out as season's highlights?
— Nightlife in Kyiv and in Ukraine in general was developing rapidly before the pandemic. Right now the main events are our dj live streams on the internet - a joke. From the events that I attended, I can see Kiev in the evening, the headliner was the Tennis DJ. And also a rave rally under the cabinet of ministers in support of the club and restaurant sector in this difficult period. This fall, I plan to host at least 2 tech house parties, with the involvement of European artists, if the pandemic does not worsen
You also have two-tracks EP coming soon on RIM Label. Please, tell us more about this release.
— Oh yes, This EP name « The Difference» will be out on October 9 . There are two tracks "Speak to me " and "The Difference" - spicy massive grooves, dancing drums and some loose house vocal samples. All different vibes of house ,tech house.
But this is not the end of your collaboration with the label. Recently you have joined IAMT Music Group team on behalf of RIM Label. Can you share please more about your work with the label and what else can we expect from RIM?
— Yes, it is true. I have recently joined the IAMT Music team, and I am very happy about it. At the moment, RIM is a young label and we are fruitfully working on creating a signature sound. We have already signed several young talented artists of tech house scene. We work as a whole team and seek to the full potential of our label and young artists.
From what you have learned about your challenges in the music business, what advice would you like to give upcoming new artists?
— Top tip:

- Never doubt your musical preferences;

- There is competition in everything in the world, so never give up, otherwise you will not know what trophy awaits you at the end of the journey;

- Do what you love, love what you do.