Alencis, Amanda Vèniri, Konstant Cire - Reach the Sun [Aorta Records]

Today Radio Intense is excited to welcome 3 young and talented international artists - Alencis, Konstant Cire and Amanda Vèniri with their new release "Reach The Sun" which is out today on Aorta Records.

We talked to the bright minds about their music careers, new release and future goals. Don't miss it and check it out below!
— Hello guys! How are you? Thanks for being here with us today.
Alencis: — Hi, I'm good, thanks!
Konstant Cire: — Hi, I'm fine! It's an honor to be present here today.
Amanda Vèniri: — Hey! Yeah, that's awesome to be here, thank you so much for inviting us.
Please, tell us more about your artistic projects and your ways in music industry.
Konstant Cire: — Particularly I always try to convey a message in my music, whether it be feelings, experiences, or philosophies of life. And I also like to hide some messages in them for curious people (laughs)!

Amanda Vèniri: — I always liked singing, but it was only this year, in quarantine that I dedicated myself completely to music. I create some covers songs of Pop, Rock and recently Electronic music in partnership with other artists who are starting their careers too and I put all these songs on digital platforms. I recently joined a band called Broken Desire, we turned some Pop songs into Rock 'n roll!

Alencis: — I started to produce 2 and a half years ago, after the death of Tim Bergling (Avicii), his songs always motivated me, even when I was just a little boy. So, I dedicated really hard and I reach the Top DJ Portugal a couple times with some remixes and originals! Now my main objective is to continue working hard to improve my skills and making good music. Music not just for me, but for anyone who hears it, so that I can touch everyone's heart and get into their own feelings.
Your joint release "Reach the Sun" is coming soon on Aorta Records. Please, share us more information about the track. What was the original idea and how did you manage the production process?
Konstant Cire: — The original idea was talk about our childhood and our maturity in relation to our goals. Then we got together to get to know each other better and write something that everyone identified with. The song was sent several times so that we could hear a great mix of styles and techniques.
How did you start working together? Was it your first collaboration?
Amanda Vèniri: — Yes, it's our first collaboration!

Konstant Cire: — Me and Alencis started after a live set that the two of us participated, and we thought mix our stiles, but we would need someone who could express yourself through the voice, then I found Amanda on Instagram and invited her to join us.
What else are you currently working on? Are there any interesting projects coming up soon?
Alencis: — Yeah, I'm almost done Progressive House which I will send to Aorta again soon!

Amanda Vèniri: — I always try to post covers every single week, but it's really hard (laughs)! And I practically finished a Dubstep song in collaboration with Sr. Kynam that will be released on his album next year.

Konstant Cire: — I have been working in my first EP, it's an experimental way of Future bass, with a lot of hidden messages, it's almost ready.
What goals do you set for yourselves in 2021?
Alencis: — I intend to perform more on stage, but because of COVID-19 I don't know if it'll be possible. I also intend to make my style music more unique and hope that my songs reach a larger audience.

Konstant Cire: — I intend to focus on my own style to make it more and more unique and try to reach more people as well!

Amanda Vèniri: — I can't wait to get together at concerts! I intend to create more music with collaborations, 'cause I love meeting new people who also love music and want to share experiences and ideas. These two guys and I also plan to work another song together in 2021. See you all soon again, thanks a lot!