Alba DM: I'm here and it's my moment why am I not going to enjoy that?

We are happy to welcome our next guest, Alba DM!

Alba DM is a talented Spanish DJ & Producer!
We invited her for a chat with a coincidence of her new stream on Radio Intense! Find out more below.
Hello and welcome to Radio Intense! Can you tell us about your journey as a DJ and Producer?
— The journey began a few years ago and it completely changed my life. I had the idea of trying to convey what I experienced when I listened to certain songs and what they made me feel and I thought that this was what I wanted, to be able to express through of music with the melodies as protagonists, first as a dj with the music of other people taken to my field but I was excited to be able to do sessions with my own songs
How did you get started in the music industry?
— I started with a well-known DJ from my city who was very patient with me because I didn't even know how to connect a cable, and later I went to an academy because I wanted to understand about musical theory and harmonies and that's where my vision of music completely changed. everything and I wanted to learn to produce my own songs, from there were courses, visits to studios of producers in my city, online masterclasses, and connection with other producers and that is where I really felt that I was doing something that I loved, hours and hours in a comfort zone where it seemed that time stopped and life flowed at a different pace.
How do you stay current with the latest music trends and incorporate them into your sets and productions?
— I spend the day listening to music, of all genres and that have nothing to do with electronics, even traditional music from other countries and songs in other languages, I follow producers and labels that I like and recently I have gone to poetry workshops focused on writing songs, but when organizing a dj session I try to imagine on the dance floor thinking that I would like to find myself that day, how to go through different moments and moods without leaving the place and without a doubt the melodies have the power of that, euphoria, nostalgia, happiness as part of a trip without leaving the site.
How do you approach creating a new track? Can you take us through your creative process?
— When it comes to producing, more sentimental and beautiful things come out that later I find it difficult to focus on the dance floor, and above all, playing them in a session, but then I realize that they make them more special and in the middle of a techno session those Themes have more prominence, when I try to create a new song I imagine a story, all of them have a woman's name and begin with M, it is the letter that moves my whole world and represents me, my mother and my grandmother are called Maria, the Music has changed my life (I imagine it as the lifeguard in the middle of the ocean) and the Melodies are the means by which I try to express feelings, so all this together creates stories about women with names with the M as the protagonist.
— Can you tell us about a particularly challenging gig or production experience you've had?How did you overcome it?
— I have two things that have made me think a lot, one was performing for the first time at the Women's Day Festival in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, I was in public a few years ago and I remember that I saw that huge stage and I thought that it must feel up there performing for all those people and I visualized myself there, this year has been the second year that I have had the opportunity to do it and I have enjoyed it to the fullest, so without a doubt it was like a goal accomplished , the other was when I finished the track Makawi for natura viva, I was especially sensitive and I had many contradictory feelings and when I played it for the first time I thought that each person was free to interpret the music and that we would possibly never understand the author 100 x 100 but it would generate different sensations to other songs and it made me give it another vision.
How do you interact with the crowd when you're performing? What do you feel is the most important aspect of engaging with your audience?
— I think there is nothing more incredible than feeling the public, it is something that cannot be explained, I feel super happy with that part and being able to connect with people, I am always willing to listen to opinions and criticism and one of the most important parts is that they transmit to you what they feel when they listen to you because that helps you a lot.
— As a female DJ and producer in a male-dominated industry, have you faced any challenges or obstacles along the way?
If so, how have you overcome them?
— I still think that there are few posters or flyers with the name of a woman in the music industry, especially in electronic music, except for very top festivals and parties. Personally, I have felt very covered most of the time, but on occasion I have found certain points in which It seemed that I had to pass an exam or I had to measure up and those times I have always thought the same thing, I am here just like the rest and I am doing something that I am passionate about and absolutely everyone around me, whether more or less professional, has had a learning path where at some point they didn't know what they know now, so I think, I'm lucky! I'm here and it's my moment why am I not going to enjoy that?
What are your plans for the future in terms of new music releases or upcoming performances?
— I am currently finishing a song with an incredible singer and I am very excited to finish that, my most immediate plans are to be able to show a little part of what I do outside of my city and get out of here.
Finally, can you share with us one fun fact about yourself that your fans may not know?
— I always wear a sock of each color, life is not a matter of luck but sometimes we need to have something that makes us think that we are attracted to it in some way...