Agami Mosh: my main aim is to spread the sound of Ukraine all over the world

We are stoked to present to you our next guest, Agami Mosh!

Agami Mosh is a DJ and producer from Kyiv. Each of his performances is filled with a mad drive and dynamics. His sets are combustible dancing mixes which energize people.

We talked to the young talent about his upcoming release "Feelings" on IAMT and future projects. Enjoy!
— Hello Dima! How are you doing? Where in the world are you right now?
— Hey there! I'm pretty fine, thank you, except for what's happening in my country and my hometown. Basically I'm from Kyiv, Ukraine, but now I'm in Lisbon, Portugal.
— Congratulations on your new release "Feelings" on IAMT! What can you tell about this EP?
— Thank you so much! Actually when I got back to music production, my main aim was to combine "commercial" techno with tech dance\hard dance\hard trance blend, and in this release I focused on it a lot.
There are two tracks on the EP. How are they different from each other?
— These tracks are pretty different and at the same time they are identical. "Halo" is much more groovy and atmospheric than "Feelings", I've tried to fulfill all the tastes for ravers and dj's around the globe.
— What is the story behind your artistic name "Agami Mosh"?
— Haha that's pretty funny :) In 2011, when I just started my dj career, I wanted to play somewhere in clubs. I figured out that my friend's sister she's a art director of one of the clubs called "Byblos", kinda luxury place. I asked if it was possible to play there, and I've been asked to make a CV. Those times I was amazed by anime cartoons and I've just watched "Death Note", where the main character's name was Yagami Light. So that's from where my alias came :)
— As you are from Ukraine, what can you tell about the scene over there and how is it different from Europe?
— Truly to say, I feel that the Ukrainian scene is pretty much closed and most of dj's are greedy. European DJ's are much more likely to communicate, to discuss music, listen demos… Ukrainian DJ's are living in their own world and afraid to expand their community. If you are a techno DJ - you MUST wear black clothes, do drugs, be a part of community. Level of acceptance in Ukraine from DJ's side is very low, that's why I'm focusing on Europe & World.
— We know you are very busy with different projects. What are you currently working on?
— At the moment, I'm looking for promoters from Europe who are looking for young techno dj's and producers to play on events, my main aim is to spread the sound of Ukraine all over the world and to get old school vibes into modern techno sound.
— What other passions do you have except music and techno?
— I'm passionate in cryptocurrencies and retro cars. I own VW Golf MK1 and Lexus LS460, 1979 and 1992 both.
— What do you have planned for "Agami Mosh" in the nearest future? Please, share insights with us.
— At the moment I'm working on new music, looking forward for our collab with Japanese genius Yuji Ono and few solo tracks :) See you on the dancefloor and thank you for this questions!