HOLY: the brand new House label by IAMT Group

IAMT Music Group is happy to present its new House
music label - HOLY.
We were waiting for a long time to share this news with you and we are finally ready. IAMT Music Group is delighted to announce the launching of a new house label – HOLY.

The choice of the name was not made by accident. This is a true reflection of how we feel about our work. IAMT Music Group is a special place with exceptional projects, so we have a lot of faith in HOLY. Personally, we couldn't be more excited about it, as a house label is what has been missing in our family and

CODEX, IAMT, IAMT Red, Set About, Area Verde, RIM and now, HOLY – the names which shake your mind and dancefloor, so we keep our hopes up!

By the way, first release on Holy "Back to the Disco" by Andrey Exx and DIVA Vocal is already scheduled and coming in October and we expect high achievements, so buckle up and enjoy your flight to heaven of electronic music!